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The history and genealogy of our Stewart and Allied families.

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Individuals:  17,994  ::  Surnames:  1,720

Crichton Seton Randolph Murray Leslie Erskine Haggard Fleming Stewart Drummond Wemyss Dunbar Carnegie Bruce Fraser Keith Rollo Ker Kennedy Forbes Oliphant Ruthven Home Douglas Elphinstone Ogilvy Hamilton Maule Mackenzie Gray Maxwell Moncrieff Campbell Graham Scott Sinclair Hay Gordon Livingston Lindsay

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DNA Discoveries

3 x cousin once removed, Shannon } Stewart
6 x cousin once removed, Parson } Record } Haggard { Woodard { Stewart
3 x cousin once removed, Morrison { Stewart
2 x cousin 2 times removed, Morrison { Stewart
3 x cousin once removed, Morrison { Stewart
6 x cousin once removed, Peterman } Thompson } McNees { Yeakley { Stewart
7 x cousin 2 times removed, Poucher } King } Carson } Haggard { Woodard { Stewart

This Day in our Tree's History

Birthdays for 24 Apr 2014
John Maxwell - 1553 (461 years ago.)
Anne Hamilton - 1608 (406 years ago.)
Jean Lindsay - 1622 (392 years ago.)
Vere Ker - 1649 (365 years ago.)
Jean Gordon - 1665 (349 years ago.)
John Melville - 1670 (344 years ago.)
Margaret Drummond - 1714 (300 years ago.)
Juliana Haggard - 1810 (204 years ago.)
Luther F. Haggard - 1880 (134 years ago.)
Anniversaries for 24 Apr 2014
Walter Stewart & Janet Erskine - 1421 (593 years ago.)
William Hay & Christian Lyon - 1492 (522 years ago.)
Patrick Oliphant & Elizabeth Cheyne - 1620 (394 years ago.)
James Rollo & Dorothea Graham - 1628 (386 years ago.)
Henry Makgill & Margaret Wardlaw - 1634 (380 years ago.)
Robert Maitland & Margaret Lundin - 1648 (366 years ago.)
John Keith & Margaret [2nd] Hamilton - 1662 (352 years ago.)
Deaths for 24 Apr 2014

Marjory Dunbar - 1429 (585 years ago.)
Mariot Stewart - 1533 (481 years ago.)
Gilbert Graham - 1573 (441 years ago.)
John Stewart - 1579 (435 years ago.)
John Makgill - 1673 (341 years ago.)
Colin Campbell - 1692 (322 years ago.)
Roderick Mackenzie - 1750 (264 years ago.)
Robert Douglas - 1770 (244 years ago.)
Benjamin Harrison - 1791 (223 years ago.)
Martin Haggard - 1820 (194 years ago.)
Sarah Ann Cocke - 1824 (190 years ago.)
Henry Yeakly - 1826 (188 years ago.)
Robert Stewart - 1894 (120 years ago.)
Hugh Page Hoggard - 1946 (68 years ago.)