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The history and genealogy of our Stewart and Allied families.
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Welcome to our Stewart and Allied Family Tree.

  This site is open to the public, however, there are restrictions on access to personal data and media for non-registered users.
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  Only registered family members will be able to view information on 'living' or 'private' individuals and then, only in your assigned branch.
  You must be in our database or be a descendant of someone in our database to register as a family member.
  If you think your family may belong in our Stewart and Allied Family Tree, please register and send any information you have on your connecting line.
  Once verified, you will be added to the tree and assigned to a branch.
  Any additional information on your line, including family members, media or corrections may be sent to me via the 'contact us' link or 'suggest' links on an individuals page.
  Regardless of membership, if you have information on an individual or family, please submit it, along with sources whenever possible, so that other researchers may benefit.

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Latest DNA Discoveries

5x and 6x cousin 1x removed: Wells > Nelson > Smith > Haggard < Woodard < Stewart
3 x cousin 1x removed: Shannon > Stewart
6 x cousin 1x removed: Parson > Record > Haggard < Woodard < Stewart
3 x cousin 1x removed: Morrison < Stewart
2 x cousin 2x removed: Morrison < Stewart
3 x cousin 1x removed: Morrison < Stewart
6 x cousin 1x removed: Peterman > Thompson > McNees < Yeakley < Stewart
7 x cousin 2x removed: Poucher > King > Carson > Haggard < Woodard < Stewart

80 members :: 18,228 Individuals :: 1,765 Surnames

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This Day in our Tree's History

Birthdays for 26 Jul 2014
Helenor Montgomerie - 1618 (396 years ago.)
John Sinclair - 1642 (372 years ago.)
Anniversaries for 26 Jul 2014
Patrick Oliphant & Janet Guthrie - 1595 (419 years ago.)
Robert Douglas & Marie Arnot - 1664 (350 years ago.)
Robert Randolph & Mary Sieter Lesley - 1804 (210 years ago.)
William M. Berryhill & Margaret Weeks - 1807 (207 years ago.)
James Haggard & Mary Gossard - 1832 (182 years ago.)
Levi Hasbrouck Haynes & Caroline Brewster Oliphant - 1846 (168 years ago.)
Deaths for 26 Jul 2014

Marjory Stewart - 1524 (490 years ago.)
Agnes Stewart - 1530 (484 years ago.)
John Crichton - 1549 (465 years ago.)
Jean Hepburn - 1599 (415 years ago.)
William Elphinstone - 1602 (412 years ago.)
Mungo Murray - 1630 (384 years ago.)
John Leslie - 1706 (308 years ago.)
John Haggard - 1907 (107 years ago.)
Ellawee Roberta Morrison - 2006 (8 years ago.)